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How Vandebron helps balancing the Dutch energy grid together with OnLogic & Talos Linux

Our journey to find the best fitting hardware and operating system to use for our flex services



The Why and How of Dagster User Code Deployment Automation

If you frequently deploy new user code repositories in Dagster, you want to automate this process. However, this is not so straightforward as it may seem at first. This post explains what we did at Vandebron.



The difference between a component library and a design system, and how they can help bridge the gap between design and development

A while back we started a rather extensive project of migrating and unifying our component library, these are some of the learnings we made during the project.



Signing and verifying SOAP messages with wss4j and Scala

This blogpost will explain with code examples how we at Vandebron are signing and verifying SOAP messages for our latest SOAP client implementation.



Looking back at the Vandebron GreenTech Hackathon 2021

At the end of March, we organized a public hackathon to create solutions to tackle climate challenges. After having done internal hackathons, we thought it was time to share our technologies with other innovative people and companies.



The power of regular hackathons

At Vandebron we have been organizing a regular hackathon for the last four years. Every three months we organize a two-day event. At first glance this seems quite an investment. Eight days a year, almost losing two working-weeks of productivity for your teams!



Migrating from DCOS to Kubernetes, dealing with the l4lb loadbalancer

When you want minimal downtime, you need to build your own tools


feb Component Design Technique for React Applications

Cypress is a game-changer in the automation testing world, the way that Cypress was built and its architecture allows us as testers to cover more scenarios.



How to Spin Up A Kubernetes Cluster On Your Macbook

It is can be useful to create a disposable Kubernetes sandbox to play with when you are exploring a new application and how it could work.



Optimizing, Converting And Exporting SVG Icons In React

If you've ever build a component library, you probably dealt with optimizing and converting icons before. With SVGO and SVGR you can do this at scale.



Fueling the Energy Transition With Spark - Part 1

Our main backend language is Scala, and by using Spark we build distributed parallel algorithms to fuel the Energy Transition. But why is Spark the best choice for that job?



Building native images and compiling with GraalVM and sbt

At Vandebron we organized a two-day long Hackathon, a colleague and I took the chance to dig into the wonderful world of GraalVM.



When (Not) To Build A Reusable Component Library

You can find much information on why a reusable component library is a good investment, but most articles don't state the (obvious) disadvantages..